Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired you to write The Book of Light: Ask and Heaven Will Answer?

People have a life of light in Heaven, a sort of ideal life. It is easy to go astray from that life. The book guides them back to their spiritual journey. It helps put them back on the right track.

Can you access Jesus's wisdom at will?

Yes, much of the time. He always says "I'm always up here, come up to me." People just have to learn how to ascend and reach Him, since He is in another dimension. The more one meditates, the higher one ascends. When one reaches his dimension, He is always there.

Why did you choose The Book of Light's particular divination system for communicating with heaven?

I didn't choose anything. Until 2006, I wrote six books with His messages (two of them with Meditation CD´s included.) Then, one day Jesus said: "Now we're going to write a book of questions and answers" and I just do what He says. I resisted publishing The Book of Light. But Jesus strongly insisted on this book.

People tell me they learn a lot from The Book of Light because the question and answers are about a specific area of their lives. The Book of Light eliminates the middle man. It allows for your direct communication with Jesus.

Why does The Book of Light use Aramaic letters (symbols)?

Jesus spoke Aramaic 2,000 years ago, and the Aramaic symbols connect us with His energy while he was here on Earth.

What do you mean by Therapy of the Soul?

Soul therapy is a therapy that aims to help people realize and understand that they did not come to Earth to make the ego evolve; they came to have their souls evolve. The soul does not evolve while the ego is still dominating in your life.

This therapy helps people change their belief system and their behaviour, so that his soul can reveal itself. Only when this happens can your soul follow its evolutionary journey, reach the life of light you have in Heaven and feel communion with the Universe.

Jesus has told you that we always have free choice and that the Age of Aquarius is the new era of personal responsibility. And yet, you talk about the need to surrender. How can we have free choice and still surrender?

You have two kinds of freedom: You have ego freedom and soul freedom. The ego feels separate. Your ego has goals, it wants things. The soul only wants love and to live with others. Your soul only wants for you to live in your real self, in your divine energy.

We do not want to kill the ego. It helps us survive. But the ego is not the owner of our existence. We want to put the ego in its place, so that he is not the boss, so that when we need him, we will ask for him.

The ultimate experience of earth is to be a being of light while here. In every moment we need to choose our soul. Surrender is to choose the light, every time.