Messages From Jesus

"In reality, it is Jesus who dictates the messages. He explains what He wants and how He wants it done. I am simply a channel through which He communicates and I try to fulfil His wishes here on earth."
Alexandra Solnado

All of the messages in Alexandra's spiritual teachings, spiritual books, spiritual tools, and spiritual courses and therapies convey the wisdom and healing energy of Jesus.

This Jesus is not the one found in popular religions. This Jesus is a very pure, high energy, full of light, acceptance and healing. No fear, no guilt, no judgement, only love.

The Messages' Teachings

Jesus' messages, as found in Alexandra's works, help you discover who you are and how to live in the energy of the new era of personal responsibility and choice.

Alexandra's spiritual courses, therapies, books and one-on-one sessions help people:

  • Overcome negativity
  • Break free of constricting patterns
  • Progress through the Light rather than despair.
  • Heal and cleanse karma

Why Jesus?

Alexandra is often asked why she refers to the energy she accesses as Jesus?

"If I was in another country, I could call the energy Buddha," Alexandra says. "The energy does not have form. It is transparent, new and light. When the energy wants to appear, it takes the form of a human being."

When Alexandra first met this energy in 2002, it took the form of Jesus. She asked if he wanted her to refer to him in the messages and therapies as something else other than Jesus. And he told her:

"I don't want you to change my name. I want people to change their idea of me. I am not a martyr. Take me down off the cross. I am not there anymore."

Jesus' Meaning in the Age of Aquarius

Jesus described his essence and messages this way:

"You were raised in the Age of Pisces, by parents of Pisces, but you have to live in the Age of Aquarius.

They taught you to obey, and now I ask you to choose.

They taught you to control, now I ask you to let it flow.

They taught you to criticize, now I ask you to accept.

They taught you to block up emotions and now I ask you to cry.

They taught you Jesus was someone who suffered and was crucified, and now I ask

you to look up to Heaven, see the light and feel My unconditional love."