Soul Therapies and Personal Spiritual Readings

"Cleansing oneself and the surrounding environment of energetic densities is absolutely essential to our Soul's evolution and our personal ascension process" ~Alexandra Solnado

Alexandra conducts spiritual therapies and readings for individuals over the phone via Skype or in person when she is in the U.S.

Guided by the insights she receives from Jesus, Alexandra's therapies serve to cleanse the spirit and emotions of negative energy and blockages, impacting the physical body as well.

The readings provide a spiritual cleanse as well but they also allow you to ask questions about personal issues and problems.

You can schedule a therapy session or reading over SKYPE or in person here.

The Soul Therapies

Alexandra's therapy sessions cleanse karma, or what Alexandra calls "overlapping incarnations." The therapy session washes away negative and sometimes unconscious emotions and memories that no longer serve you.

Alexandra calls the therapies "spiritual hygiene." Just like a shower or bath keeps the body clean, the therapies cleanse the soul, heart, mind and body of debilitating behaviors and emotional patterns, clearing the way for a lighter existence and a more positive path in life.

After a therapy session, people report feeling lighter and more at peace, with deep issues often put to rest.

You can schedule a therapy session here.

The Personal Readings

Alexandra's personal readings allow you to ask questions to Jesus about your soul. The responses directly address the issue at hand, but always at a high level, responding not to what your ego desires, but what your soul or higher self wants and needs. The answers are always deep and profound and often life altering.

You can schedule a reading over SKYPE or in person here.